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Photo credit: Gladys Ly-Au Young; Renderings credit: Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects 

Songea Orphanage Swacco 


Since 2015, we have worked with Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects in providing ongoing structural engineering services to support the design of the Mwangaza Jitegmee Foundation Orphanage near the city of Songea, Tanzania. We are committed to providing design services free of charge for this project, including volunteer site visits, and construction support. The first buildings are currently under construction (Well House 2016, Classroom #1 2017) and will continue to expand to include an elementary school, vocational school, hospital, dormitories, and community buildings. Environmental, social, and economic impacts have been carefully considered throughout the project development.  All materials are locally sourced and structures are built by the community of Songea.

Architect: Sundberg Kennedy, Ly-Au Young Architects

Location: Songea, Tanzania

Status: Ongoing

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